Arthur J. Gremillion

Founder, Director, Leader...SERVANT!



To God be the GLORY for all the things HE has done! Indeed it is an honor and privilege in knowing that God has entrusted me with a vision for His people. For many years, I found myself running in the opposite direction from the calling that is on my life. I did not quite understand what God had in store, but I knew it was a peculiar anointing. Once I realized that I was on an assignment from God is when I began to see the overall BIG picture of Arthur and Friends Community Choir.


As you all may know, I am Arthur J. Gremillion founder and director of AAFCC. I am a 26-year-old Southern University A&M College student pursing a degree in Music Performance with a possible minor in English. I am a native of New Roads, La. Yes, I am a country boy. I am the minister of music at several churches in my hometown and not to mention I also serve as the assistant director over SUGC of Baton Rouge. Another project that I have recently launched was vocal lessons. So as you can see, I am a jack of many trades!


I am excited about the shift that has taken place and will continue to take place within this great ministry.


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