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JazzFest 2022 is ON!!

Once again AAFCC has been invited back to participate in New Orleans JazzFest 2022!! This is an AMAZING experience for all and want everyone to attend. Remember your obligations first! Below is a message from the CAO Arien Phillips:

" As you all know, Jazz Fest is RAPIDLY approaching and we are in process of booking the Charter bus to get us there.

The total cost is $1,400.00. 40 Friends are slated to ride the bus..

Here is the math: $1,400.00 / 40 = $35.00

Be reminded that we cannot drive separate cars, as we cannot get parking & entry passes for multiple cars so we must ride the bus!

We will have timelines for the remaining balance after booking and will let you know ASAP

If you have your $35 already, please continue to sow so this is not a long drawn out process. Thanks again!

~ Arien Phillips, CAO for AAFCC